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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 57

hey i dont know if i will be able to answer all the questions you made this week but i will try hahaha. this week was good. easter was normal. here in the field there isnt really a difference in normal days and holidays, except that there are no people in the streets. um there are a lot of areas in our mission. like there are 7 zones and then the zones are divided into areas. i hope that i get trasfered to a place called Irece. it is a new area that they opened two transfers ago. i think that it would be cool to go to a place that nobody has been before. yeah i actually ate that stuff today. it is really good here. i drink a lot of guarana too. i have actually been using guarana powder in the morning to give me more energy to exercise. um no i usually do the dvds on my own. last week i got Marcolino to do the bicept one with me and he cried for a week. hahaha. but yeah people are crazy here. no i am about half way done with the Jesus The Christ. i dont care if you ride it. you can if you want. i saw ryders new teeth and was going to ask what happened to them. hahaha. did they run away? The other question that i had is who gave permission to kycen to practice driving in my truck? i am going to want to sell that here in 10 months. hahahaha. no i dont need maple yet i still have a bottle full. i am doing good. i am trying to keep my head up we had to drop about all of our investigatores last week which was a real bummer. our goal this week is finish strong. we only have one more week together so we are going to try to work hard and not let off here at the end. i no that i am being tried here and i got to win this battle. i love you guys i hope you have a great week. i will have to do some training on the computer with tangren so i will write you guys this week.

i dont know how it is i have never been there. i only know that they are babtizing a lot and nobody knows anything about the missionaries which is good. and by sell my truck i meant sell it to you so if you want to trust your future truck with dude haha.  good luck out there today. i am going to go to work then do some p90 x tonight. i love you. finish strong. !!!!! THE TEAM hahah

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