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Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 58

hey this week was ok. i have had better. it startted out so good but as it went on we startted to get a little bumbed because we could see that we going to babtize :( but it was also good because i got to watch conference. i didnt realize how awesome conference was until now. Conference is so special, and to think that i use to all ways sleep through it. i liked Elder Perrys talk too, but i think my fav was either president Monson or Elder Holland. Elder Holland reminds me of like a coach. its like he is yelling at you and telling you about all the things you are doing wrong, but at the same time its like you love him and want to do better. i reallly like all Elder Holland. I did love the talk about obedience though it was so awesome. So i still dont know where i am going yet. we are still waiting to get the call. i know that i will leave though. i am actually thinking that everyone in our house will leave. these next few transfers will be really crazy because like 80% of the leadership in our mission will leave in these next two or three transfers so it is like there will be a lot of movement and new people. Then we are getting a lot more missionaries and a lot more sisters so i think it will be really crazy. If the rumors are true i will be going back to Salvador and i will be a secratry.1 i dont like Salvador, 2 ......... had to bleep out this part sorry haha, but i know that the lord has a plan for everything. we should be getting the call here pretty soon so as soon as i know i will let you know where i am going. i cant believe how fast time is going by. it seems like it was yesterday that i got here in the field and know it is a full year. i will be home in 6 or 7 transfers. i hope that i get your packages that you sent me tomorrow. i love you and miss you guys hope you have a good week. i will write you as soon as i know where i am going

hey so i just got called i am going to be the new finacial secratery . yeah i will be in salvador and work in the office. it will be good.  i sent a package to you guys last week and it had a bracelet and the name tag. the problem is the way the guy sent it was wierd so i hope it gets to you guys with stuff still in it. hey one good thing is i will get my packages as soon as they get here for six months hahaha. buy a bacon egg and cheese biscut for me (ryder sent him a video message of him going to McD's Taylors favorite and getting a sausage mcgriddle for breakfast they use to do this about every morning lol)

yeah that will be the best part i will get to be with president hart and sister hart a lot. i will not get to work in the field as much but i still will. i dont know how it will be on the computer i know that i will be on the computer every day.

um i am not sure on the adress hahah i can send it to you on saturday cuz i think i will have another pday on sat. yeah it will be good it will help me like i told dad before my answer to not having money was go to the ropin ha so maybe this is why the lord is sending me there. i dont know how it all works but i will let you know as soon as i do. we will leave tomorrow night. they moved our transfer days now they are on wed so we wont leave tell tomorrow.

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