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Monday, April 15, 2013


hey this last week has been so crazy. first off we thought that transfers were on wed. so that would mean that we would leave on Tuesday night. only that transfers were really on Tuesday so Monday night we got a call at like 10:30 and they were asking us where we were at. so we missed the bus and had to like work all night to get packed and clean the house so that the sisters would get there to a clean house. then we left at like 7 the next morning. we got here and i all ready started into the work . Elder Davis is my trainer. he sat me down and handed me a whole bunch of stuff and was like put these in your pockets you are the new sec. now hahaha. it was really funny. then another funny story is that all the missionaries that are leaving to go home stayed at our house for two nights. they are all going home they were crazy. they also have a tradition that every new member of the staff has to be baptized. then on wed night they all pulled us out of bed and "Baptized" us or better threw big buckets of water on me and the other members of the staff that hadn´t been baptized yet. then it just turned into a huge water fight hahaha. Everyone all ways says that the Staff members are really blessed and i have already seen that. Thursday we had a member that called us and was like Bruno wants to be baptized tonight. We went there and talked with him and then planned the baptism for yesterday. it was really cool he was a young kid that is like 14. At first i didnt really want to come to the staff but now that i am here i am seeing what a blessing it will be for me. I live with the assistants, i am learning how to write and talk way more "saftisfactory" Portuguese because i have to do a lot of computer work, and i am also learning a lot about secretary work which i think is going to help me. i am way excited to be here . it is such a blessing to get to be close to president and sister Hart as well . it is like we have a mom and dad again hahaha. I have two companions now. elder Davis who i will be taking his place so he is training me, and elder Freitas, who is the executive sec. They are both way cool Davis is from California and Freitas is from São paulo, he is from my group. we live in a place called Pernambuece that is in the middle of Salvador. we get to eat at the mall like everyday. so that is pretty cool. i am learning pretty fast but there is so much to do and learn it is going to be kinda hard. hey we were wanting to get some matching paisley ties for all of us at the staff do you think you could send me a package with six ties in it?  i got three package's this week. one i had to pay to get it i dont know why but it was totally worth it i love you guys so much i will talk to you again next sat. love you have a good week.

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