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Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 83

Good morning,
Our week was really good. Alberto was baptized on Wed. It was really cool. We had to do a little talking him up because he was scared and his mom wasn't really helping a lot, but in the end it all worked out. When I got to the church for the baptism The water in the font was really low and just our luck the water wouldn't turn on to the font. Well that wasn't going to stop us. We started filling up bucket after bucket. then I found a hose. Well all in all we got it all worked out and he was baptized. I haven't watched the sat conference yet. We are working in a little town 20 min outside of feria.. We want to open a group there so we decided to go there on sat. and work. We tried to watch it on the computer but it didn't work.Well i think that it was worth it because on Sunday we had three new investigators from there at the conference. It was way cool. I went to Salvador this week too. We had a meeting at Presidents house. I am finally feeling like I know how to be a missionary haha. It is good to plant seeds, but like they said in the work of salvation training. The first step in building the kingdom of God is through Baptism. I am starting to realize this now. Nobody can return and live with god without being baptized. It is a lot easier to accept this in this life. if we don't accept this God has to be just. As missionaries in a place with so many people who don't know about the gospel we have to baptize. This is a just desire and all things that we ask for and work for with faith God will give his children. I have learned that If I don't baptize during the week it was because I didn't have enough faith to baptize that week. I need to get a lot more faith. 

What is kycens number? Let him go out there and rope. You cant think about saving your number. We are there to win that is what he needs to do. If you don't want his number raised don't let him go, but if he goes you got to let him win. That is cool about CHase. That is also new to  me to know that my truck is all ready at home being put to use hahaha. I knew my old truck was there but not the new one hahaha. i loved the pictures I love you guys. Have a good week. I will try to get you some pictures this next week I forgot my adaper this week. Hey if you can send this message to Jacy ´´ OI tudo bem? Elder Winn disse que é pra vocês ligar pra ele. Ele quer falar contigo e marcar um dia para ir lá `´ 

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