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Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 84

Hey, This week was good. Actually it was really good. We had three baptisms this week. Two men and a woman from Santa Barbára. Santa Barbára is a little town like 20 min from freira. We go there 2 times a week and are trying to open a group there. we now have 15 members from there. These were the first men that were baptized from there. Then Sara was the girl she is 23 and has been going to church for like 6 months, but never wanted to be baptized, then last week she just decided it was right and that she wanted to serve a mission. She decided all this after watching conference. There is no doubt in my mind that we have prophets of God leading our church.I am absolutely loving my area. We have really good investigatores and we are getting a lot of help from some members. We are going to have a fireside this  next week were I hope we can help the people understand that babtism is the only way to establish the kingdom of God on earth. Our ward is really good and our bishop is awesome. The man you are talking about that lived under the stairs his name is Jair. We visit him almost every day. His brother gave him a house to live in while he is rebuilding, so he is not under the stairs anymore. He is doing good the problem is that he is an ex-drug user so his family doesn't trust him enough to help him anymore, because they have all ready helped him many times and it doesn't go right. We are trying to help him spiritually before we can help him physically. He is really cool though.
I think that we all have to take it in the face when we actually sit down and evaluate ourselves, but that is what the atonement is for. That is why we have the sacrament every week. We don't have to be perfect... We just have to get as close to it as we can. 
As far as school that sounds good to me. I just want to take the classes that are going help me get my degree. we found out that I will have to go home a little bit before the 23 or a little bit after Christmas. No Elder will be able to fly between the 20 and the 25 of December. I will talk with President tomorrow or later today about what day I will have to go home. As soon as I know i will let you know. I know that I will be home in time for school either way.

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