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Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 87

hahah yeah I know how you feel about the time passing by so fast. It seems like the time I have even goes by faster than it should...... oh wait it actually is. The plan was that. stay a couple weeks after the transfer, but I got a call on fri. President Hart said it will be easier for him to just send me home at the end of this transfer with the group ahead of me. My date went from Jan 20 to Dec. 24 to Dec. 19 to now Dec. 12. I will be getting my travel itinerary  here in a couple weeks you guys should get an email as well. So yeah I know that you are happy. I will not only be home for Christmas, but my birthday too!!! I wasn't really raedy for that call. I know it was only a week and a half, but it was making me think that I had more time that I actually have hahaha. I now have 5 weeks left. I am trying not to think about that though. We are still working hard. We baptized Tainara this week. I was really excited. She is a young lady who we have been teaching for like a month now. Our goal is to baptize 14 people this month, and my personal goal is baptize every week before I go home. I will now go home with Elder Amormino ( who I lived with in the staff) so that will be cool I guess. I have gotten some stuff for you guys. I will bring some stuff home for everyone. More for kycen and ryder, but I didn't think you guys would mind. I know you guys will love the stuff I have though.
Sounds good on the school and the truck. So does that mean you got me signed up alright for school? What classes am I going to take? As for my birthday and stuff I think it will better to just wait now that I will be home in time. I am sure that there will be a lot of stuff that I will need. Especially winter stuff. hahahaha I am going to die. This week I got your package. Thank you so much. I have been loosing weight but this week I don't think that I did hahahahaha. I ate almost all my candy. I love you guys have a good week. miss you all. 

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