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Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 85

Hey this week was good. We had a zone meeting and interviews last Tuesday. I guess I will start of by telling you the things you will like to hear. I talked to president about how no elder can travel from the 20th tell the 25. Sorry to tell you I wanted to stay until after Christmas, but ..... President Hart said, ´´ Well if I am going to send you home early it doesn't make sense for you not to be home for Christmas. He is going to send me home on the 19th. I will be arriving even sooner than I thought. Know that you are all happy I will tell you about this week. Elder Ilustre was engaged before the mission and his fiance has been waiting this whole time, one year and eight months. Well last Monday he found out that she was dating another peorson.THey broke up and as hard as he tried to not let it affect him he was pretty devastated this week. We were still able to work a lot and we had a miracle this week. We were working with a young women named Tainara. She was excited to be baptized and all until fri. It was really hard because we had been doing everything perfect with here. Like every lesson was with members we wer following up with all of our invitations and everything. We knew that if we asked with faith God would provide. Well Sunday Tainara didn't go to church, but we ha another investigator there. She absolutely loved it. We went to her house after church and taught her everything and challenged her to be babtized on that day. She ACCEPTED!!!. Well we had planned that fireside so we went there me and Ilustre gave the fireside and during this she was interviewed by Elder Ferreira.... I dont know if I told you or not but I live with Ferreira (my old companion) again. Then at the time of the babtism she wanted to give up and not be babtized. We talked to her and talked to her. after about an hour we learned that she has a phobia of water. Well with the help of some of the members she got enough corrage to put on the babtism cloths and we decided that me and Ilustre would babtize here to help her feel more safe. Well still with both of us she was absolutely terrified. after about 30 to 45 min we got here into the middle of the font. Well we knew that it was one chance and that was it. We said the prayer and she started down in the water face first since she wouldn't do in going backwards. Well when she had her head next to the water I triped her and held her legs with mine and held her around the waist, and pushed on here back and Ilustre like jumped on top of here and we got her all of the way under. It was quite a site, but in the end she was so so happy. She knew that it was what God wanted her to do, but was so scared. I am so glad we have good members here if not they would have gotten mad hahaha. The bishops wife told us before we went in. If she goes into the water she doesn't leave without being babtized. It was a fight, but one more person is now able to use the atonement in their life.
Keep trying hard. Never give up. I know that if seems like things wont get better, but trust in yourself and go out there and do what you know how to do. I want to hear from you next Monday. Taylor we won a trailer, or we made a killing. I know that you guys know how to win. Just go out there and do it. love you guys have a good week. 

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