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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

week 65

Hey that is so cool that BJ had his baby, but is really sad that he is not doing to well. Honestly this is the best time that the missionaries could have to go there. We are all ways looking for people who have had big changes in their lives, like for example a new baby. I am proud of you its good to hear that you are winning. That's cool that you guys had a decent first weekend.  This week was about the same as the others.  Lots and lots of stuff to take care of.  It is hard sometimes you just want to be in your area, but you can't. Yesterday we had 12 Elders that tried to take out money and the ATM didn't give them their money, but took it out of their account.  Talk about problems.  I had to figure out what to do, and how to fix it.  Then I had to tell everyone for the third time that you can't use that bank because it has that problem sometime.  I was a little irritate with some of the Elders hahaha.  I still love them.  Tell Ryder that I didn't fall off my bike, but its a 15k bike trail and about 10K into the ride my pedal broke and I had to push my bike like a scooter the last 5k. hahaha.  It was way cool. i will get the pictures from Elder Lund, and I will send them to you guys.  One thing I have noticed this week is that it's so amazing to me how things work out for the church.  Like if it weren't true there would be no way that it would work.  Everything that we do just works.  Like I have never had any experience in accounting and here I am doing all the stuff for the Mission.  I had no idea about Brazilian laws, but I have all ready made 3 house contacts.  It just blows my mind.  I love you guys and miss you all.  Remember what it says in James if we know good and don't do it we are still with sin. Always look to help people and do good. Never stop sharing the gospel.

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